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Leading Edge Bangladesh 2019



Leading Edge Bangladesh 2019 (Click To View)

Leading Edge Bangladesh 2019

This March, the United Nations Committee for Development Policy announced that Bangladesh had successfully met the criteria to graduate from Least Developed to Developing Country status. The decision was based on Bangladesh’s progress in three key areas: per capita gross national income, education and health index and its resilience to economic and environmental shocks. When the status is formally granted in 2024, Bangladesh will have the same economic ranking as Mexico, Turkey and India. 

This is a remarkable achievement for a country that gained independence only 47 years ago. Over the past decade, Bangladesh has consistently ranked among the top 10 nations worldwide in economic growth, with GDP growth averaging 6% since 2005 (reaching 7.1% in 2016). Between 2009 and 2017, the economy increased from $100 billion to $250 billion, a staggering 150% expansion.

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